“As the sole Business Development Manager in a growing segment here at Dell I found my time to be very constrained. This meant that I could only single out the high level trade shows and had to ignore the 1-2 star shows. I know that even at the small shows you can find some gems. I chose CardBrowser because it is like having several assistants flying out to multiple shows for me to gather needed information. The service has also come in very handy in finding those additional needed contacts.”
- Business Development Manager – OEM Industry Solutions Group, Dell

“Yahoo! is always a bit skeptical when looking at tools and applications to help stay ahead of the curve of talent acquisition. We found CardBrowser not only refreshing, but found the data Integrity from the database was extremely valuable. CardBrowser, known in our talent acquisition group as the “Hidden Jewel” is now being endorsed through out the Yahoo! Organization. Steve Morgan has taken a great idea and has simplified a quick and effective way for me to engage great talent. I now incorporate CardBrowser into my staffing strategies across client groups. I think almost every high tech company competing for talent will benefit and leverage from CardBrowser.”
- Talent Acquisition Consultant, Yahoo!

As a Recruiter specializing in Technology Sales I know the value of attending Trade Shows. Cardbrowser has been great in extending my reach at various Trade Shows. I can’t personally make it to many shows so Cardbrowser leverages my time.”
- President, Strategic Recruiting Partners

“CardBrowser has proven to be a great resource for expanding our sales and marketing efforts to IT security solutions providers. Whether we have existing relationships with companies in the CardBrowser database or we are gaining exposure to new companies and prospects, this service saves us a lot of time in identifying those in the key roles we are targeting. That savings in time has allowed us to generate faster sales and gives us a common ground to start relationships from. CardBrowser can be at every relevant industry event for us! Their service is a great tool that saves us time, resources and money when generating prospects and pipeline for our products and services.”
- Director Vendor Programs, SANS Institute

“Using CardBrowser has allowed my recruiting team to access currently employed sales professionals who are actively working industry tradeshows as part of their job responsibilities. These candidates are not spending time looking for jobs via the internet job boards, but rather, are actively engaged in their current position. These are the people with the work ethic and focus that we desire in our sales force.”
- Staffing Manager, Kronos, Inc.

“Experta Search Partners is extremely pleased with the precision CardBrowser.com gives us in casting a net to potential candidates in targeted industry sectors. Cardbrowser.com allows us to more effectively communicate with passive candidates and save time in the search process. We’ve experienced great success with locating new candidates and uncovering potential clients.”
- President, Experta Search Partners

“CardBrowser is the rolodex by which we keep our prospecting efforts running. I like the fact that I have so many relevant contacts at my fingertips, which makes my job infinitely easier.”
- Director of Marketing, CustomerCentric Systems

“CardBrowser is a major asset in my daily recruiting/networking responsibilities. Having the ability to network with passive candidates give me the advantage to build a stronger network and therefore place candidates at a higher ratio. Whether I am searching for an New Business Account Executive or an Installed Base Account Executive, CardBrowser enables me to locate the best candidate for all my opportunities. CardBrowser is a must for the successful recruiter.”
- Corporate Sales Recruiter, Activant

“CardBrowser is one of the best investigative candidate search tools available to the executive search community.”
- President, LyonsHeart International, LLC

“We use CardBrowser weekly to build our pipeline of contacts that are so critical to the growth of our early stage business. We’ve tried to get similar results from LinkedIn, Spoke and Jigsaw, but none of them can top CardBrowser for ease of use and accuracy. CardBrowser has the most accurate data and the broadest reach bar none.”
- Co-Founder, Spring Lake Technologies

“Over the past year I have used the CardBrowser service to network with passive candidates who are otherwise unavailable on the Internet. I rely heavily on networking, referrals, and proactively sourcing, in order to get in touch with the better management, sales, and marketing candidates in our industry. CardBrowser is a perfect fit to this approach. I’m able to attend industry specific tradeshows and events in order to network with potential candidates – without having to leave my desk. CardBrowser has proved to be an invaluable service, and I would recommend it to any corporate recruiter.”
- Recruiting Manager, IBM Internet Security Systems

“CardBrowser has been quite effective in helping us reach our target decision makers (in Canada) with our direct marketing efforts”
- Manager of Custom Publishing, John A. Wiley & Sons, Canada

“As the owner/manager of a search firm that specializes in the software and IT sales marketplace, I am always on the look out for fresh new ideas and ways to access candidates and companies that are not in everyone else’s database. CardBrowser has effectively helped us do just that. We have been able to speak with decision makers via phone and email that we would not have normally been able to access without a significant investment in research assistance and support. Conversely, we have been able to recruit and develop candidate relationships that would have required an investment of time and resources from our search consultants. In the past 4 weeks we have written 8 job orders with new companies that were not in our database, and set-up interviews with over 10 candidates that we did not previously know who were pulled from the CardBrowser database.”
- President, Strategic Sales Search

“To get the best people, you’ll have to root them out. On the sales side, you’ll find the best people are working. The best people are always selling. Rarely will they have the time or inclination to publish their info online. CardBrowser was a good find for us. We can’t possibly get to all the trade shows. We’d love to be at all of them, but we just don’t have the bandwidth or the time. A service that does it for us is a really good step in the right direction.”
- Senior HR Director, Sybase, Inc.

“The team at CardBrowser has provided Global Hotline with an excellent source of decision-makers lists. Their gracious customer service and dependable follow-through makes them a highly-recommended partner in improving each company’s prospecting and lead generation results.”
- General Manager, Global Hotline Philippines

“Having a chance to not only view the full contact information of a potential candidate but also seeing a picture of the business card made us immediate customers. It really took the guesswork out of things. Thanks CardBrowser!”
- Director of Candidate Development, AGResearch International LLC

“Is this cool or what? Ever been to an expo or trade show? Chances are you have. Well, did you know that you have access to the business cards of many of the attendees (exhibitors) there? Check out Card Browser online… Ask for a demo to see how it works.”
- Technical Sourcing Consultant, Microsoft

“I have used the Cardbrowser product for 4 years, and have found it to be an incredible source of high quality leads that I can immediately apply to recruiting attendees and sponsors for the events I produce. When I evaluate new opportunities one of the first things I do is look at the Cardbrowser database to get an understanding of how quickly I can bring an event to market.”
- Sr. Global Director, Gartner Vision Events, Gartner Group



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