Sample Business Card Record

CardBrowser provides you with the freshest, most accurate, complete and relevant contact information. Every business card record in the CardBrowser database looks exactly like the sample below.

We display the actual business card image which you can click to enlarge. Business cards will often have professional credentials i.e. Dr., MD, PhD, Esq., certifications, associations, and accomplishments i.e. “Presidents Club Member”, etc.

A full text conversion of all contact info including name, title, company, website, address, country, phone, mobile #, and email address… and the trade show and date where we met them.

An explicit title – nothing shortened or exaggerated – which tells you exactly who the person is. No more “VP” or other titles that people type in and leave you wondering who they really are.

The address where they actually work – and not a corporate HQ commonly found on lists and other data sources.

A direct dial to an office desk, remote or home office – as opposed to 800 #s and main corporate phone numbers.

A mobile number so that you can dial or text someone – the most likely way to reach people and get the fastest response.

A 100% accurate email address which comes directly from the person’s business card.

The trade show and date where we collected the person’s business card. This gives you a credible and warm frame of reference when calling or sending email.

A picture.. or in this case a business card… is worth a thousands words – look at the sample card above one more time. Need we say more?


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